ECT+ Support

We always say ‘if it’s not good enough for our own families, it’s not good enough for our pupils’ and we really mean what we say. Every child deserves an exceptional education. Our high expectations underpin everything. We believe no one wants to work somewhere where things are ‘ok’.

We know what works and this usually means keeping things simple. We recognise that getting the best out of everyone means providing the right balance of challenge and support. We will work with you to give you a clear idea of your progress and commit to coaching you towards your goals. We only employ people who share our drive for improvement. Education without exception doesn’t just happen.

We know that this approach is especially important at the start of your career. We invest in our staff at every stage of their careers, providing the best in professional development whilst also supporting staff to look after their wellbeing and manage their workloads.

Your statutory entitlements are:

  • Separate formative drop-ins each week or fortnight from your mentor
  • Protected time to meet with your mentor each week or fortnight
  • Full access to an ECF programme delivered by a lead provider
  • Summative lesson observation and feedback from your Induction Tutor
  • Regular progress meetings from your Induction Tutor
  • Regular feedback against the Teacher Standards and how you are meeting them

Every school will provide you with the statutory entitlements. But across all our schools, we go beyond the statutory entitlements to ensure that you get the best possible start to your career.

At Matrix, our schools also offer an ongoing CPD offer to keep you growing and developing beyond your ECT years.

Our Trust offers all ECTs: